What People Are Saying...
  • Ray R.

    Dr. O'Grady is one of the best speakers to get you motivated to set goals and stick to them. When he speaks he places the image in your mind of what he talks about. Thank you sir.

  • Shari T.

    I was immediately drawn in by Thomas's warm energy and wise practical knowledge- so happy to have found a new show for my morning walks!

  • Josh T.

    Thomas has the confident presence of a man who has seen many lifetimes of wisdom. I really enjoyed the EP on the data this evening. This show is for those of us who, are seeking the next level in our lives and I'm happy to have found it!

  • Benjamin T.

    Thomas offers great advice with experience to go with it. Everything he talks about he has experienced and/or has done the research to back up the thoughts. Those running businesses of any kind will benefit from his mentorship


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